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How To Identify Real Pearls?

Are Real Or Fake Pearls? How To Identify Real Pearls? 3 Easy steps.

The process of distinguishing fake pearls from genuine pearls is very easy if the following tests can be done.

how to identify real pearls?

How To Identify Real Pearls? 3 Common & Easy Answer:


1st Test:– You can easily tell which pearl is real and which is fake by biting it. Usually, the surface of the pearl is not very smooth. Moreover, if you take a bite, if you notice, you will see the powder falling from the pearl. Artificial pearls on the other hand will be much more slippery and smooth. This way you can buy the pearl jewelry of your choice without tension.

2nd test:- Real pearls are never perfect in shape, as it is completely dependent on nature, there must be some defects. Artificial pearls, on the other hand, are perfect and perfectly shaped.

3rd test:- By testing the temperature of the pearl, it can be understood whether the pearl is genuine. Real pearls are always cold and real pearls stay the same even if the room temperature is high. On the other hand, the temperature of fake pearls changes from time to time.

Now we are clear & I hope, “How to Identify Real Pearls” this doubt is totally gone.

Special Note:- You may have heard about many types of exams in many places. One of the most incorrect test methods is the fire test. Remember that fire is a substance that can burn anything. Moreover, it makes no sense to waste such a valuable gem as a pearl by burning it in the fire.

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